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Carlon (Ciecie) Michelle Newson

Hello Friend.  I am so happy you stopped by to get to know me. I am supposed to be writing this About page in the third person, but in my world, that doesn’t make sense.  You want to know about me, so what better person to tell you than me, in my own voice, directly to you.

This blog site is to highlight what I love the most, and that is writing.  At the age of 49, I have finally dealt with my fear of not making it as a writer and pushed forward anyway.  In 2017, I published my very first novel, The Man Next Door, via Kindle self-publishing, and I am now HOOKED.  I’m working on many more books, short stories, series and of course this blog, you are reading.  

I am having so much fun, and I want you to join me on this fun journey, so please hit the subscribe button and get my monthly newsletter that will link you to all I am producing and doing.

Here is something you may not know about me.  I was bullied through my Jr. high school days. Literally, of the 2 years I spent at Clara E Westdrop, in Cleveland, Ohio, there were 5 days that I was free from some act of name calling, hitting, and whispering loudly about my ugliness, that did not occur.  

During that time, I made the best decision I could have made.  Instead of bringing a gun to school and blowing away my enemies, I decided to escape through books.  I read so many books, at one point I was reading one paperback book a day.  

It was this reading that molded the areas of interest that are still a part of me. I love westerns and cowboys.  I love romantic comedies.  I love historical classics.  I love power and strength, from a kind alpha male.  I love visiting strange new worlds, and the Enterprise was my favorite vehicle to do so.  I also loved all the different places on this planet earth we live on, and have traveled it via stories, as well as an airplane.  I find relaxation through being in the outdoors, and it is also where I get centered.  Watching things grow in my garden brings me joy.  Hiking through the woods connects me to life greater than myself.  Feeling the sun on my face and the winds caress, rejuvenates me.

It is all of these things in my world that will fill my books.  It is this world of mine that make me who I am. When you visit Ciecie’s World, if you are a kindred spirit we will have genuine fun together.  If you aren’t a kindred spirit, you know someone just like me, and you will get to understand that person a lot better.  

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