Month: July 2018

Interviewed by Indie Clean Reads

SNEAK PEEK – Prologue to Squatter – Book 2 by Ciecie Newson

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Photo Credit – David Robinson on Unsplash

It was the second day of the twelfth month in the sixth year that Sylvia stepped out of her cabin, with her warm cup of espresso to take in the morning sunrise.  This was her favorite part of the day when darkness was fading into the light of morning, and its sweet quiet was still thick like fog.


Knowing where her glider was situated on the porch, Sylvia walked over to it and sat softly, so as not to wake the creatures of the day before their time.  The scent of her coffee, mixed with the clean sweet pine scented air that caressed her skin with the soft breeze, promised her its rich reward. Taking her second sip of java of the morning she leaned her head back and closed her eyes as she swallowed the elixir, imagining it flowing down her throat and extending through all of her blood vessels.  Energy like a slow morning light filled her soul. (more…)