Month: June 2018

What I did when my first draft was taking forever for me to complete

Whew, the first part is done.  I was writing scene after scene until I couldn’t write anymore.  The truth is, I was getting bored with the process to the complete darn story.  There were two more stories screaming in my brain to be written.  Then it happened.  I reached the thirty thousand word count milestone, and I didn’t want to push for fifty thousand words.

I did what any novice writer would do at this point.  (more…)

I’m a fraud, not a writer

Hiding your talent from the world is not the answer

For me as a writer, one of my biggest challenges is to read the work of someone better than me.  What happens sometimes is I read some beautifully pinned words and I think, “I could never write that well.” Unfortunately, I have allowed that very thought, those exact words to halt my progress of being consistent in my daily writing.  If I don’t stop that one thought, it spirals into another negative line of dialog and before I know it, I have entered a full-blown episode of ‘Fraud Syndrome’. (more…)