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This is the first article of a new monthly series where I will speak with other working people living the dream in business, education, entrepreneurship and the writing it takes for them to succeed.  

Windom Ratchford is starting off our series.  He is in the business of video production, branding, promotion and training for organizations.  His office is located in Cleveland Ohio, and he can be found on his website  Please continue to read as Windom shares his wisdom (bad pun) with us.


What business are you in?

I am in the business of helping people and organizations share key messages with their audiences through video. I produce videos for clients that need videos for marketing, branding, and training.


What is it that you love most about your work?

The freedom to be creative and the privilege to help clients deliver important messages!


As a business owner, what was your biggest challenge to go from working for others to working for yourself?

I believe the biggest challenge was learning to think beyond my specialty or craft.

Working in a business insulates us from the entirety of operations that make up a business. Being a business owner requires you to take on all aspects of a business not just what you specialize in, this is a transition that takes dedication.


How do you stay motivated to keep up the grind to your idea of success?

I stay motivated by thinking about what matters most to me, my family. After that, I am motivated by the limitless amount of opportunity available in our world. We can be who we want to be if we are willing to work for it!


What is your idea of success?

For me, success is doing my best to achieve the goals that I have set forth at a given time. Success is being a positive example for my family and community.


Do you have daily routines in place, and if so what are they?

I don’t have any special routines in place but I do make time during the week to clear my mind of everything and relax for a couple of hours.


How do your family and friends play in your success?

Family and friends are the basis of my support system, they help me stay motivated and they are open to hearing my ideas and dreams. They also inspire me by the positive examples they set forth in their own lives.


If a person asked you to tell them what main qualities you need to make it on your own financially, what would you tell them?

I would first tell them that I am still on my journey as well, but to be open-minded and practical in their pursuits. And to make decisions based on what is best for you and not what others may be doing.


How much writing goes into your business, as in writing e-mails, contracts, skits for your recordings? Talk to us about how much of a role writing plays in your day-to-day business.

Writing goes into many aspects of my business. From an administrative point of view, there is a moderate amount of writing for such things as daily correspondence and record keeping. But writing is also at the core of the creative side of my work. Most videos that I do begin with creating a written concept that gives life to the subsequent parts of a project. No matter if it will be a marketing video or a training video or a safety video they all begin by structuring the project with a written outline that serves as the foundation. Simply put writing drives everything!


Did you take any formal training in writing?

Yes, I have taken formal writing classes for news writing, scriptwriting and radio and television writing to name a few. Having knowledge in each area helps tremendously given the diversity of projects that I work on.


What are the top 3 books that have influenced you, and why?

This is an interesting question for me as the majority of books that I read are technical in nature and I don’t necessarily feel that they influence me as much as they provide me with a wealth of useable knowledge that helps me improve my skills and abilities.


What are 3 truths you have learned in life?

  • Nothing is easy
  • Persistence is everything
  • Opportunities are unlimited


You can contact Windom Ratchford for his services at


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