Book 2 – Squatter

I am so excited.  My second book, Squatter is nearly finished.  You are getting the first look at the book cover I created for the novel.  

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Just as my first book, The man next door, came from a personal event in my life, this story does too.  I live in an apartment building and across the hall, from me, the unit became available to rent.  Being a single woman, I wondered, what if the perfect man for me moved in across the hall?  What if I was the perfect woman for him? What would our perfect romantic dating life look like?  With those questions came the perfect version of me in Leanne and the perfect man Donovan.  Their story is told in my first book The Man Next Door.

As with the first book, my second novel Squatter was dreamed up from a quandary due to an event in my personal life.  I had been reading books and found myself wanting for a really good story.  I wanted a story with everything in it.  I wanted action and adventure, I wanted strong family ties, I wanted touches of sweet romance, but mostly I wanted the perfect mix of realism with fiction.  Since I wasn’t finding all of these elements in one story, after all, novelist Olivia Gaines can’t write a book just for me every week, I decided to write my version of a perfectly fun novel to entertain its readers for hours.

I have been thoroughly enjoying writing this story, and I know you’re going to enjoy reading it. It is due out this spring, so sign up for my newsletter so you can be the first to be notified of its release.  Pre-order is coming soon.

If you have not read my first novel, please take the time to download, The Man Next Door to your Kindle or e-reader today, and enjoy a good, clean, and romantic read.

~Keep Smiling!


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