I got demoted from a position I was training to take over.  At first, I fought the decision that was pressed upon me to step down, to a position in a cubical where my primary occupation is to answer the phones and transfer calls.  Yet, the more I thought about this change where I had to swallow any inkling of pride, and humbly accept a job that did not in any way utilize my vast writing and speaking skills, I discovered oddly enough, I didn’t want the job promotion.

The job of a higher station that I was being trained for, was not in an area that I had any sort of passion for.  It was a job that for the most part; I would be entering data into a billing system, entering data into an inventory system, and maybe entering data into a networking system.  I would also be filing paperwork, and on occasion, hunting through numbers to find discrepancies.

If you caught on, you can see that the position I was training for, did not line up with my skills or my passion, that of writing and public speaking.  Yet the fact remains that I still needed an income.  My real life situation was that I wasn’t living a lifestyle that allowed me to follow my dream of self-sufficient living from my writing and speaking engagements. Working at paying off past debt, created for me a life of living hand to mouth, with no savings for a rainy day.

Enduring the humiliation of being placed in this entry-level position, but fortunately being paid better than entry-level income, I decided not to quit working for the company.  I took the offered job of answering phones for a switchboard that gave me more leisure than work.

I saw this as an opportunity knocking at my door, and I was determined to answer it.  I had been placed in a cubicle with time on my hands. There was now, time to spend with many different pursuits.  Having access to a computer with the internet, my one choice was to spend the time entertaining myself with Netflix, YouTube, and my favorite social media sites. Since I also enjoy reading, and my Kindle provides me with a plethora of books to keep me engaged, there was time to go from one world to the next.

The above-mentioned option would allow this situation to crate train me into a life of complacency at work.  After all, I can come to work, get paid, and just play.  Such jobs still exist that allow room for such Tom Foolery.  I, however, am not a fool.

I chose a different option for the time on my hands I would have.  With the different path I chose, I found that I love what this job in the cubicle has provided me. There is a quote I heard recently that says, “The only move that matters is your next move”.  I have come to love this little cubicle, but not for reasons you would expect.  Keep reading and I will explain.

My 10 reasons:

  1. I love structure. The 8:30-5:00 schedule really works for me!
  2. I like to know what is expected of me.   I know when to turn on the phones and how to do so.  I know the level of professionalism with which I am to handle every single call.  I know when my breaks are and when I go home.  Such simplicity can really be awesome.
  3. I love meeting new people.  From time to time we get visitors that come to this building for meetings.  I always strike up a conversation with them whenever I can.  I meet people in the stores and restaurants in the area, as a lot of us are on the same schedule.  Getting to know the people that run the shops and keep the area clean is also wonderful as well.
  4. When the printer says “Out of Cyan Toner” I don’t have to fix it.  Um, no, there is no more that needs to be said on this.
  5. I enjoy the opportunity to speak with new people throughout the day.  There are so many different personalities in the bodies of people.  I get to speak with the talkers, the explainers, the complainers, and the historians.  Sometimes people just want to be reminded of how important their lives are or once was.  Some just want to make me laugh, and I so enjoy those calls.
  6. I love helping people.  I am amazed at the number of people that call this education center in a panic.  Real panic with issues such as “I haven’t heard from my child in two weeks”.   Okay, I get that one maybe once a year, but the fact that it happens at all alarms me.  There are constant calls where people are trying to get in touch with someone they haven’t spoken with in over twenty-five years.  Frequently I get the type of call where people are trying to find events that they heard about via a news program blurb or an article somewhere concerning some sort of random research or lecture.  I love when I can actually locate the information they need.  Ah, the instant gratification of success.
  7. Benefits, benefits, and did I mention the benefits?   Healthcare.  Dental care.  Vision care. 401K retirement plan.  That is the tip of the iceberg.  I have access to three different gyms and two of them include swimming pools.  Discounts on public transportation and parking are provided.  I could go on, but I don’t want to seem as if I am bragging.
  8. I love the University Campus life.  I walk past future doctors, nurses, lawyers and social workers every day.  When these young people complete their education, they will take on the responsibility of keeping life as we know it moving forward.  Well, that is the hope, anyway.
  9. I love learning how an organization works.   Working in an education culture is just as engaging as working in a large corporate organization.  The structures are basically the same, as each department has a chain of command.  There are always projects going on for improvement. The department I work in is in the Technology arena of a university. I get to watch first-hand software changes for every department.  Walking around the neighborhood, growth is seen every year with the increase of students from all over the world, scurry about to their destinations on campus.  The landscape is in constant flux as restaurants open, dorms are built and new education centers are added.
  10. I love people, as in my co-workers around me.   Socially, we are a friendly lot.  We have potluck lunches.  In the summertime we have cookouts. I work in a large old mini-mansion with both a front and back porch.  Someone brought in a propane grill and the fun was on.

The way I chose to utilize the time on my hands and resources within my reach, is to further my education.  Where I work we have wonderful educational programs for employees.  I have taken advantage of one of them which is, Lynda.com.

I also write every day.  I write on this blog site, as you can see.  I have also written a book with my time in between taking calls.  Have you read, The Man Next Door?  Currently, I am working on my second novel.

With every opportunity, we have choices to make.  Our attitude and pride will determine if we will become a victim or not.  We can choose to allow are cubicle to become a crate trainer of comfort, as a pet dog would, or we can continue to grow out of our crate, and move into the future we desire.

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