The passionate writer

I have known, since I knew what one was, that I was going to be a writer.  Stories were my constant companions.  They entertained me.  When I had a problem, one would help me work it out.  When someone hurt me or angered me, stories allowed me to rewrite the event, so that I said and did the correct thing to avoid the painful situation or get the upper hand.

As I got older and learned to write, I always had notebooks and journals where I would jot down my stories.  For as long as I can remember, I have been writing a book.  Well, it was more like starting a book.  I’ve started dozens upon dozens of books.  When blogs came about, I started so many I lost count.  I joined writing groups.  I also went to listen to every author I knew, who was speaking.

Needless to say, after reading the above, you know I am a person that loves the power of the written word.  Writing is my world where I am most happy developing in.  I have a passion for writing.

Does my account of my love affair with words resonate with you?  Have you always wanted to be a writer?

My friend Cindy has a passion for writing. Story ideas spring on her like a hot fire that needs to be put out.  As soon as these thoughts come to her she jots them down.  She has a tote bag that houses these thoughts.  It is her idea bag.  In it are pieces of paper, back of receipts, and ripped envelopes of words waiting to be compiled.  You will also find notebooks with outlines of stories as well as characters waiting to be put in action.

Cindy and I were just having a conversation the other day where we were discussing characters.  She had one that she had to give him a name that wasn’t a common name a parent would give a child.  We all have done it.  We’ve looked at a person and immediately thought that person looked like a Bubba or June Bug.  I know a famous celebrity that looked at her child and named it Apple.  You understand what I mean.  Writer’s connect with a person in their head and brings them to life.  When you read the name and get to know the character the two bond and when you think of the word, you see the character.

The instrument for creating.  Mine is a medium point gel pen with blue ink and a thick pad for holding.  Most writers have a need for a very specific writing instrument.  Some like a number two pencil.  Others are one with a gold, fine tip pen.  Some writers just don’t care, and others need a particular color ink.  The feel of the pen in hand, glide of ink across the paper, and even smell of the ink or led, makes all the difference for this type of writer. When the words are written they become a visual trampoline upon which their muse exercises.

I know, you’re not one of those writers.  Old school you say.  I agree I’m very old school.  If I knew calligraphy and had a quill and ink, I’d be trying to write with that, just to feel like I was being authentic to my art.  That’s not necessary.  Today’s writer is happy with their laptop.  I even write with a wireless keyboard onto my Kindle Fire.  Yes, I’m a savvy, up to date writer as well.  It’s not like I can scan a handwritten manuscript and expect it to be taken seriously in the publishing world.

I’m off topic though, so let’s get back to the passionate writer. My favored location for writing is in a cubical.  I know right?  I just don’t care for the large office.  I will happily sit in a coffee house and write, but most likely, I will be the one that found a corner nook to hole myself into.  I’ve seen writers at a long table right next to other writers, pecking away at their laptops.  That’s way more focus ability then I possess, but if that’s all I had to work with, I can do so. Just give me a walk-in closet, or a two-seater table in a small kitchen and I’m good.  Oh, there can be movement around me, sounds to tune out, and gentle conversations, but I need to be able to tuck in and not see them.

The environment is key for a writer of passion.  If they cannot have the desired environment, they will find it, create it, or wake up at four am in order to be in it.  The point is, the passionate writer must write and therefore do whatever it takes to be in it so they can get the words on paper that demand their attention.

The passionate writer must write.  They must be heard and the written word is their chosen medium to do so.  The drive is so strong that they will do so without payment.  This doesn’t have to be the case though, because a passionate writer, also knows the value of their words, and when the time and situation align themselves, the writer takes nothing less than their worth.

Here is a list of words that define passionate:

  • intense
  • impassioned
  • ardent
  • fervent
  • vehement
  • heated
  • emotional
  • heartfelt
  • eager
  • excited
  • animated
  • adrenalized
  • spirited
  • energetic
  • fervid
  • frenzied
  • fiery
  • wild
  • consuming
  • violent
  • very keen on
  • very enthusiastic about
  • addicted to
  • mad about
  • crazy about
  • hooked on
  • nuts about
  • excitable
  • emotional
  • fiery
  • volatile
  • mercurial
  • quick-tempered
  • high-strung
  • impulsive
  • temperamental

They are all wonderful words, aren’t they?  To have a love for something that you are passionate about is a part of the miracles of life.

So dear writer, get your frenzy on and write.  You are amongst those with a large piece of happiness in their life.  Be grateful.  You are blessed.  You are amongst a great many kindred spirits.

Are you a writer?  Let me know in the comments if you are a passionate writer that does so every day, or if you are a hobby writer.

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