Month: February 2018

Money Making Blogs – Things You May Not Know

How I made my blog successful


Part 1 – The mind of a blogger

I’ve always loved writing.  With my short attention span, I imagined I would never write a novel but would work for a big magazine publisher.  Not knowing all that was entailed in it, I even dreamed of creating my own magazine.  When blogging surfaced in the writing industry, I grabbed on with both hands, feet and my teeth.  I was in love with the idea of creating my own online magazine.

In time, I found out that there was money to be made in blogging.  I discovered people not just making money with blogging, but making a comfortable living with them.  I became obsessed with this actuality.  The idea of making a comfortable living doing what I loved and being my own boss was everything. Well, hot diggity, life just handed me a pearl of great value.

Forward two decades later, I’m not earning my living from my writing. I’m still writing, and though I have come close once, I hadn’t made enough money to say I have earnings from it.  For a very long time, no one was passing on knowledge about blogging as a business for free to the general public.  And though I knew I was a great writer, I just needed the inside scoop on successful blogging, so I too could make money from it.  (more…)

Do You Need Passion for writing to earn a living from it?

The passionate writer

I have known, since I knew what one was, that I was going to be a writer.  Stories were my constant companions.  They entertained me.  When I had a problem, one would help me work it out.  When someone hurt me or angered me, stories allowed me to rewrite the event, so that I said and did the correct thing to avoid the painful situation or get the upper hand.

As I got older and learned to write, I always had notebooks and journals where I would jot down my stories.  For as long as I can remember, I have been writing a book.  Well, it was more like starting a book.  I’ve started dozens upon dozens of books.  When blogs came about, I started so many I lost count.  I joined writing groups.  I also went to listen to every author I knew, who was speaking.

Needless to say, after reading the above, you know I am a person that loves the power of the written word.  Writing is my world where I am most happy developing in.  I have a passion for writing.

Does my account of my love affair with words resonate with you?  (more…)

Real Friends – Who are they, how to be one

My mother’s name is Iris.  It doesn’t surprise me that there are so many beautiful meanings behind the flower named, Iris.  The flower that bares the name, Iris is linked to the definition of faith, hope, and wisdom, all qualities my dear mother possess.

Let me explain a few ways my mother displayed these qualities and thereby teaching me the meaning of a real friend. (more…)

5 Tips To Becoming Patient

Chamomile tea and patience

There are many times in my life where I could have used a little patience.  The most recent was last year when I made a hasty decision to sell all my belongings, pack up the few things I had left and moved across the country.  

Though I needed the experience in my life, it came with many regrets.  I hadn’t thought out thoroughly the effect the move would have on me, my family, and some very special friends that were in my life at the time.  I hurt a lot of people in my haste to live a “better life”.  But that’s a story for another time. Perhaps never.  I still hurt over that lesson.

I think if I had drunk a cup of chamomile tea each night before I went to bed for a month prior to my decision to move, I would have been relaxed enough to make a more rational decision.  As it turned out, all I really needed to get to this better life I sought, and now live was a little patience.

Learning Patience

5 Things To Learn To Become A Patient Person (more…)