Month: January 2018

How to Listen to Become a Great Writer


A good LISTENER is the key to GREAT content!

I’m the first to admit this about myself, but I am not a natural good listener. My hyper personality makes it a struggle to sit still and listen.  That’s why my tag line is ‘Musings of a bi-polar writer’.  The channels in my brain are constantly switching.

I had to teach myself to focus so that I can listen. I’ve implemented some practices in my life that have greatly attributed to being able to slow my brain down and focus when people are talking to me.  Perhaps, this is a challenge for you as well, and why you clicked on this article.  Here are some practices that I’ve picked up that have helped me to be a good listener. (more…)

First Draft – Checklist and Tips

Don’t despair – You can do this!

My advice for completing the first draft of your novel

I completed the first draft of my first novel in fourteen days.  I don’t say this to brag.  I say this to encourage you.  You don’t need a year to write a first draft.  It might take you a year to get to the final product, but even that can be done in under six weeks, as was my book.  Let us meditate on what a first draft is.   (more…)

Can you write that book inside you?

~What you need to know before you start your novel~

Are you a writer, or just a person that writes?

Isn’t it amazing how just flipping a few words can cause self-doubt in your abilities?  Are you a writer?  Do you write? Then you are a writer.

The truth of being a writer does not mean you’re a published author. Being a writer does not mean that people have seen your work.  Being a writer doesn’t mean you’re in line for the Pulitzer or selling your work to the point of being on the New York’s best seller list. Being a writer, having years of education and special degrees in writing, isn’t always needed in order to have credibility as a writer?

Now dear writer, we can start our conversation.  The real question you need to be asking yourself; is your writing good enough for public consumption?  Let’s meditate on this topic. (more…)