Give up control.  You heard me.  You can’t do it all alone.  It’s time to delegate.

Someone explained it to me this way.  You can either be a firefighter driving to every fire, putting out every fire, and maintain your equipment, or you can be the chief and delegating who gets to fight the fire, maintain the equipment and drive the big red truck.

You need to be modest and know your limitations.  Know what you can do, and what you are willing to do.  Is there someone else that can do something so that you can do something else?  Mom’s are the main ones who think, “I’ll just do it myself” when it comes to house maintenance and cooking.Ten-year-old Johnny is out with his friends on his bike when he could be setting the table, walking the dog or folding laundry.  Teach him to give you 30 minutes of help each day.  The time you spend in patiently teaching the right way to do things will pay off for you later.  Does your husband get home first?  Why can’t he put the casserole in the oven and make a salad?

What about a quiet environment for study?  Can you go to the library for an hour or two so that you can get proper focus on your lessons and not be interrupted?

Sometimes, you really just need to invest in yourself.  Knowledge is power. When people leave school, they tend to let go of reading and increasing their knowledge. This is a quick way to allow the mind to grow stagnant.  There is so much personal development that can come from listening to an audiobook on your ride to and from work.  Experiences from biographies and autobiographies can add inspiration to your life.  You will be surprised what you can learn in 20 minutes each day if you just take the time to read.

There are other sources to gain information and life balance.  There are many people in the same circumstance as you who are living balanced lives.   Some of these people share their knowledge for free.  One of my favorite type of videos to watch on YouTube are ones where I’m being taught ways to organize my home and life.  I love DYI videos on how to make things that are expensive at stores, but I can make them for a fraction of the cost at home.

There is a wealth of knowledge to be had from people that know.  Talk to people who are successful.  Ask them to join you for lunch and pick their brain on how they make their accomplishments and see what you could try that would work for you.

That was a lot of information.  You might want to take notes.  There are so many ways to learn how to create balance in your life.  There are certain actions you need to take so that you’re not running a fire station alone.  Learn from those who have successfully created a balanced life.

Until next time – Keep Smiling!



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