Believe it or not but life balance has a lot to do with your physical balance.  If you are off balance that means you have put too much effort to one aspect of your life and another part of your life is suffering.

What I mean by balance is; you are enjoying good health, lifestyle doing things you want to do, work that you enjoy, and have an income that covers all your bills, enough to pursue other interest.

I know what you are thinking.  Life balance is for rich people who have enough money to buy whatever they want and do whatever they want.  Sorry folks, that’s an excuse.

Life balance is attainable for every person.  There are some health conditions that just aren’t going away.  But are you doing all you can to keep as healthy as you can be?  In my article Exercise and Sleep to Create Life Balance, I cover two areas where you can make adjustments to that end.  Have you looked at your income and discovered you are spending more than you are earning and you can actually cut back on your spending and live within your means? That gives life balance.  Have you lost grasp on the world your children live in?  Life balance is focusing less in an area that is taking time away from being more active in your children’s lives.

We all have to take analysis of the life we are living.  When we are mindful, using our intelligence, keeping on guard to potential problems and then being prepared for their outcome, then we are well on our way to creating balance in our lives.

Do you know the life you want to live?  What would give your life more balance?  In this series on creating life balance, I give you attainable ideas to help you to that end.

It is up to you to look into your life and see where adjustments can be made.  Tell me in the comments below, what area in your life you would like to create more balance.

Until next time – Keep Smiling!

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