It’s so true and you know it.  Exercising is the single most important thing you can do for your body outside of eating nutritiously balanced meals and getting proper rest.  Let’s first talk about how to get that exercise in our life.

People, you cannot be Nilly Willy about your health.  If you can join a gym and actually work out, good for you!  But what if you can’t?  What if you truly don’t have time for that 30-minute workout every day?  In my article; You’re allowed to ask for help – so do it, I share some suggestions where you can create life balance by delegating.

Now let me tell you what I’ve done to make time for exercising.  I catch the bus to work.  We have a great public metro transportation system, in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  About 500 feet from my front door apartment, is a bus stop.  To get more exercise, I walk two bus stops away from it.  It is a little over half a mile walk from my door.  I also get off the bus at this stop that is further away and therefore I get a total of a mile a day walk.  In addition to the movement of walking, while at work, I also stand. That seemingly small action burns calories.  So for approximately 10 minutes each hour of the day, I get up from my desk, raise my keyboard on an empty box and do my job.

No videos involved.  No workout clothes.  No new running shoes. No gym fees.

Some people found benefits of doing stretches each morning for about 15 minutes.  Others take a brisk 20-minute walk three to four days a week.  The key people is that you have to move if you want that healthy balance between your body and mind.

Why?  What’s in it for you?

  • You feel better. Feeling better gives you self-confidence.
  • Higher energy to get through your day.
  • Helps you digest your food.
  • Exercise helps you sleep better.
  • Did I mention it helps with the stress and anxiety in minimizing them?

In addition to exercising, mid day resting is beneficial. I’m not talking an hour snooze or that 15-minute cat nap.  I’m talking the TMP Twenty-five Peaceful Minutes.

Not everyone can work in a 25-minute nap in the middle of the day.  For those of you who can: Do it.  For those of you who can’t, get seven to eight hours of sleep each night.  It’s that simple.  A no-brainer.  It’s what your body needs.  The nap is what it takes to excel.

For those that can’t nap, sit still and spend some time doing meditation or what I like to call, “Planning The Best You”.  This is a form of meditation.  What you do is plan for success by thinking on what you’ve accomplished and what you want to further accomplish each day.  Don’t waste this quiet time on negative talk.  Consider what you have done and what you plan to do the next day.  This is a great way to end your day before you go to sleep so your subconscious doesn’t dwell on negativity while you sleep.

This article discussed motion and rest.  Two elements on the opposite end of the spectrum, but neither is more important than the other.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week tidbits.

Until next time – Keep Smiling!


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