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SNEAK PEEK – Prologue to Squatter – Book 2 by Ciecie Newson

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It was the second day of the twelfth month in the sixth year that Sylvia stepped out of her cabin, with her warm cup of espresso to take in the morning sunrise.  This was her favorite part of the day when darkness was fading into the light of morning, and its sweet quiet was still thick like fog.


Knowing where her glider was situated on the porch, Sylvia walked over to it and sat softly, so as not to wake the creatures of the day before their time.  The scent of her coffee, mixed with the clean sweet pine scented air that caressed her skin with the soft breeze, promised her its rich reward. Taking her second sip of java of the morning she leaned her head back and closed her eyes as she swallowed the elixir, imagining it flowing down her throat and extending through all of her blood vessels.  Energy like a slow morning light filled her soul. (more…)

What I did when my first draft was taking forever for me to complete

Whew, the first part is done.  I was writing scene after scene until I couldn’t write anymore.  The truth is, I was getting bored with the process to the complete darn story.  There were two more stories screaming in my brain to be written.  Then it happened.  I reached the thirty thousand word count milestone, and I didn’t want to push for fifty thousand words.

I did what any novice writer would do at this point.  (more…)

I’m a fraud, not a writer

Hiding your talent from the world is not the answer

For me as a writer, one of my biggest challenges is to read the work of someone better than me.  What happens sometimes is I read some beautifully pinned words and I think, “I could never write that well.” Unfortunately, I have allowed that very thought, those exact words to halt my progress of being consistent in my daily writing.  If I don’t stop that one thought, it spirals into another negative line of dialog and before I know it, I have entered a full-blown episode of ‘Fraud Syndrome’. (more…)

How to ask questions that get in a person’s head

Everyone loves a good interview.  Personally, I am a Star Trek fan who has been to over a dozen Star Trek conventions throughout the United States.  At these conventions, you get up close and personal with legendary television and movie stars that are part of this pop culture world.  I love the reactions of the stars when they get to answer well thought out questions about their career and rolls.  I also love to see when the fans pull a reaction out of a star with a seemingly dumb question.  Questions can bring out the best and the worst of the person asked.

Getting answers is one objective of asking questions.  Another reason for questions is (more…)

My mommy is better than your mommy!

Here is what’s on my mind today!

Maybe I’m being silly but right now I feel like my mom is the best around.  I’m not just saying that because recently Mother’s Day was celebrated.  Nope.  My mom reminded me what being a great mom is all about just yesterday.

Here is what happened.  I had been bellyaching about this lack of affluence I have recently put myself in a conversation with my mother.  She chimed in, sharing her understanding of my situation, as she is on a fixed income provided by the government since she is physically disabled.  Both of our incomes did not cover our necessary expenses this month.  The next day after that conversation, my mother shared with me that her husband, my dad, who saves quarters, dimes and nickles, gifted to her $50 he had saved so that she could purchase a gallon of Noni Juice.  This juice keeps her hypertension under control better than any over the counter medication.  This gallon of juice cost $50.  I know because, in February, I bought her two gallons of the elixir. I was so happy for her.  So I shared with her the joy that I was able to call three companies that I owed payment to for the month to make payment arrangements, and all was well for this month.  The next day after that, my mom sends me a text to tell me that she had $50 she could give me that I didn’t have to pay back

Silently I jumped for joy that I had $50 to get me through to the end of the month when I got my next paycheck.  I get paid on the 15th and last day of the month.  My joy was short lived when I began to wonder, where on earth had mom come up with $50 to just ‘give away’.  You all know where this is going.  Yep, mom was going to give me the money, my father had given to her for her medication.  They had talked it over and thought that was a better use of the funds.

My mother was actually surprised when I asked her to confirm my suspicion.  I was like, ‘really mom, you do know that I’ve known you for fifty years.  You have been a loving mom who is always sacrificing so that your children can have.’  Those are the kind of parents I have.  Both of them, but my mother more so.  I told her I got myself in this situation and I will cope.

I don’t doubt you have such stories of a sacrifice of your mother.  Please share one with me in the comments.  I’d love to read it.  If it’s your dad or any guardian that raised you with loving sacrifice, I’ll take it!  Right now, my mom trumps because I haven’t heard of yours.

This is only one story.  I have years of events where my mom proved she knows what it is to be a great mom.  I’ve never had that honor.  I didn’t get blessed with a husband, children, and the family life.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t know what it is all about.  I’ve been granted the privilege to be a part of one.

For another story about my wonderful mother, read –  Real friends, how to be one.

How I rejuvenate without a vacation

Here is what’s on my mind today!

Sunday I crashed.  I was not only grumpy but I was mean.  I had no energy and I didn’t want to be around anyone.  Even cute babies and sweet old ladies were sending me off the edge of wanting to slap them.  I was in a bad way and I couldn’t figure out why my normally sweet, kind, and giving personality was nowhere to be found.

The problem was that I had given all that I had in me and there wasn’t enough left for even myself.  What I needed to do is get away from people and lay down somewhere.  See, sometimes when we are giving so much of ourselves, we reach a point where we need to give to yourself to rejuvenate the love.

When I got home here is what I did. (more…)

7 Reasons I Chose to Self-publish

In the world of publishing, there is the question, do I go the traditional route with a literary agent and publishing house, or do I self-publish?  For years, I dreamed of writing my own book and seeing it in print, but I found the process daunting.  Fortunately, with the evolution of the Internet and social media, my dream of seeing a book I wrote published was more than just a dream.  I was able to make it a reality.

I chose self-publishing as my avenue to write and publish my work.  Oh, it has many challenges, but for me, they are worth working through.  I thought I’d share with you my reasons I choose to play the role of writer and publisher. (more…)

A Crackhead Gave ME Fashion Advice

Me on patio at Gevaris-winery

Time was not on my side.  I was thirty minutes off schedule to get the things done that I needed to accomplish after work.  Since it was one of those few and far between days where I didn’t have a meal prepped or time to cook, I went to the drive-through line at McDonald’s for the only thing there I eat, their fish fillet sandwich.

Minding my own business as I waited in the drive-through queue, I listened to a story on my Kindle.  After giving my food order, I drove up a spot in the long line of cars waiting to pay for their food, when I noticed a sketchy looking man walking quickly towards my car (more…)